NWP Nurse Wellbeing Mission Group Sessions

A range of different sessions, delivered online or in-person:
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress reduction
  • Mastering emotions
  • Self-care
  • Reflective practice

Available to all healthcare institutions and providers of nurse education.

Hi, I’m Nathan, Clinical Psychologist and passionate nurse wellbeing advocate. Feel free to browse the contents of our programs in more detail, or simply book a call to start a conversation to see how we can support your staff.

Our Services

For organisations

Help staff flourish.

Provide your staff the psychological tools that are essential for their roles.

Improve nurse wellbeing, reduce sick leave, enhance team functioning and improve clinical outcomes through wellbeing programs and reflective sessions.

For education providers

Prepare and prevent.

Give students and early career nurses a head start through psychological resilience.

Investing in psychological skills early helps prevent later stress and mental ill-health.

See how our workshops and training can help.

For individual nurses

A community for reflection and learning.

Feeling like you’re never asked how you’re doing?

Join the NWM community to access exclusive live events, group-based reflective practice and receive tools to feel less stressed and more balanced.

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Why does Nurse Wellbeing Mission exist?


Number of RNs and midwives reporting feeling unwell as a result of work-related stress.



Number of nurses globally experiencing emotional exhaustion.



Number of depressed frontline nurses as a result of COVID-19.


Nathan Illman

Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Nurse Wellbeing Mission.

Hi, I’m Nathan and I’m a Clinical Psychologist. I founded NWM to create a place to help nurses feel heard, empowered and equipped to flourish in their roles.

I have witnessed the incredible work nurses do through my professional work in hospitals and the community and through my own personal experience of using health care services.

Do you struggle with self-care?


Take the quiz, find out why and learn to overcome your barriers.

Are you like the majority of nurses who know they should practice self-care, but in reality struggle to implement it?

Download this free questionnaire to help you dissect barriers to self-care. You’ll also get tips and strategies on how to overcome each of the barriers.