You’re in the right place if
any of these sound like you…

  • You’re a high performer, but know you’re burning yourself out.
  • Despite being a leader, you feel you’re not good enough.
  • On the outside you seem like you’ve got it together. On the inside you feel scattered.
  • You feel like you should manage stress better.
  • You put others’s needs first the majority of the time.
  • Your intense work ethic is having an impact on other areas of your life.

Hi, I’m Nathan

Clinical Psychologist, coach and dedicated ally to nurses and midwives.

I’ve worked alongside many nurses in my career, observing how little support is provided in the profession to support people’s emotional needs and help them flourish psychologically.

Having worked in extremely challenging settings in leadership roles, supervising a range of different colleagues, I’ve worked on honing and coaching others to become their best.

One of the foundations of effective performance and satisfaction in healthcare is the art and skill of taking care of ourselves. I live and breathe self-compassion and will help you transform your relationship with yourself, your patients and your team.

Along the coaching journey I’ll walk side-by-side with you as you start to take better care of yourself and develop the confidence to go boldly forth into your career.

The Self-Compassionate Leader Program

12-week transformation for nurse and midwife leaders

In my signature 1:1 coaching program, we’ll explore and untangle your inner world with kindness and curiosity.

We’ll help beat burnout and stress, whilst still being effective. 

You’ll learn how to be kind to yourself, whilst retaining fierce motivation.

Book in a free discovery call with Nathan now.

In this coaching programme, you’ll learn:


Explore how self-criticism and self-blame limit you and your work. Learn to be kind to yourself, forgive and remain fiercely self-motivated.


Through insight and experimentation, we’ll construct an optimised self-care plan that works for you. You’ll start to become the role model of self-care you’ve always wanted to be.

Lead with confidence

Develop self-awareness of limiting beliefs. Gain a new understanding of your values and strengths. You will lead with greater confidence and feel more fulfilled with your vision.

How does it work?

1. Connect in a way that suits you

Everyone has different needs. We’ll hold our calls via Zoom, but tailored to intervals that suit you. You’ll have up to 12 hourly sessions across the program, but there is flexibility in how this is delivered and you may not require all of them.

2. Action points and practice tasks

The biggest change happens in the real-world: We’ll agree on ways to consolidate what we’ve discussed out in your life beyond the Zoom call. 

3. Voice support in between sessions

Sometimes it’s helpful to have more immediate feedback and support during the week. I offer brief voice note coaching to supplement the sessions so you can share wins, ask questions get little boosts of support from me.

What people say about working with Nathan.


Nathan provided a safe space to learn, reflect and grow as a professional. With each supervision session, I found that Nathan was a calming energy, an ethical practitioner, and a passionate psychologist and supervisor. Nathan brings a very genuine and reflective approach to supervision which invites his supervisees to do the same. He leads by example in all areas of practice but especially in regard to professionalism.


The coaching I received from Nathan was insightful, powerful and transformative.
I was really stuck and felt completely stagnant when I approached him for coaching.
I knew that there were a number of beliefs and obstacles in the way, and I'm so grateful he was able to uncover them.

Not only is Nathan an incredible listener, he asks such poignant questions. He'd also use a variety of different tools that allowed me to experience massive breakthroughs. I remember so many times just sitting there, truly thinking about what he'd just asked, and suddenly having a completely different outlook on my problems.


Colleague and manager

Nathan is one of the most professional, conscientious, compassionate and thoughtful practitioners I've had the privilege to work with. We met monthly for clinical supervision and it was very clear to me that Nathan's priority in all our conversations was the wellbeing and flourishing of his clients. I can unreservedly recommend him for work with clients and organisations that would benefit from a science-based, humane approach to coaching and problem solving.

Your investment

One-time payment of



(AUD 2,547 | USD 1,648)

Payment plan

Three equal payments of


(AUD 849 | USD 549)

Making sure we’re the right fit.

I believe in making sure you’re 100% confident in me, and equally that I think we’ll be a good fit for each other.

Book in a free 15-minute discovery call now to discuss the programme.

Not sure yet?

Not sure whether this is the right programme for you? Ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Would my professional and personal life be enhanced by developing a kinder more friendly attitude toward myself?
  2. Have I tried for years to improve my situation on my own with little success?
  3. If I’m being honest with myself, am I spending money in areas other than my own emotional health and wellbeing that aren’t serving me well? Could it be time I invested something in myself for long-term benefit?
  4. Am I yearning to work with someone who will help me feel heard, support me, care about me and empower me?


If you answered YES to all these questions, then why not book in a free discovery call with me now.


Do I have enough time to commit to this?

Not dedicating enough time to your own emotional wellbeing is likely to be one of the reasons you’re feeling the way you do right now. Ask yourself whether it would be worth sacrificing other activities or arranging some support to make time for this programme, if it meant in the long run, you’d be a happier nurse or midwife.

You are likely going to need to be boundaried and carve out time to engage fully in this programme. I give my clients 100% attention and commitment and I expect the same, as that is what gets results. Before starting with any new coachee, I always ensure they have a plan for making time for our sessions and the transformation that we are aiming for.

Do you do a shorter program?

The short answer is “yes”. Whilst we recommend committing to a longer piece of work to get maximum results, everyone is different. If you’re interested and want to talk more about an option to suit you, just get in touch with Nathan to start a conversation:

What happens if I start the program and later don’t feel like it’s for me?

We get it. Committing to any kind of program like this is a big deal. Nathan likes to have an informal chat to anyone considering working with him ahead of beginning the coaching to make sure any questions can be answered and for you to see if you think it’s a good fit in personality and style.

Having said that, we want to make your investment as risk free as possible for you, so we offer a 100% money back guarantee up until your fourth session. If at this stage you feel like things aren’t working for you, then you can receive your money back, no problem.

I’m not sure if I need therapy or coaching

There is much overlap between therapy and coaching, but importantly, when someone’s level of distress reaches a point where they are struggling to complete their day-to-day activities, therapy may be more appropriate.

If you feel your mood has been persistently low for several weeks, you have been having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, you feel on edge most of the time, or you have serious concerns about your own substance use or addiction, it may be more suitable to seek therapy.

Coaching tends to be more future oriented, structured and focused on helping you be your best at work. Therapy will often explore in much more detail your past, and cover interpersonal relationships, symptoms of depression or anxiety and address things like substance use.

Nurse Wellbeing Mission do not offer therapy at this stage but if you’re struggling to work out which one is right for you, feel free to get in touch and we can support you in making that decision and signpost you to other services. 

If you think therapy might be the better option for you, then a good place to start is by going to your GP to talk about your symptoms.

Does it matter that you’re not a nurse or midwife?

You may wonder whether Nathan will be able to “get” what you’ve been through, and this is totally understandable. Whilst it’s impossible for me to have truly experienced the things you have, I’ve committed my working life to listening to and trying to understand nurses and midwives. Along with that deep curiosity come my skills in compassion – for self and other, and ability to guide people to uncover their own barriers and make lasting change. I’ve also worked in various leadership positions, managing, supervising and supporting a range of junior staff, and importantly walk my own talk with everything I work on with my clients. I believe all these things contribute to my effectiveness in coaching others.

Do you offer concessionary rates or discounts?

We are currently not providing concessionary rates for individual coaching clients, though you may be able to access coaching as part of Continuing Professional Development through your organisation. In this case it would be best to have a conversation with your manager or HR representative. 

Do you provide coaching packages for organisations?

 We have flexibility in how we provide our coaching and are always open to collaborations. Please reach out to us via email and we can start a conversation to see how we could work together. You can email Nathan directly on

Ready to commit?

Let’s get the ball rolling on helping you make the compassionate transformation you’ve been waiting for. 

Get in touch now and book a free intro call with Nathan.