Prevention is better than cure.

Nursing students and recently qualified RNs are embarking on a stressful and sometimes traumatic career path.

Our mission is to provide thousands of early career nurses with the vital psychological tools that will enable them to take care of themselves, and thus take care of their patients more effectively.

Workshops and webinars

A list of the webinars and workshops I provide is below. I offer a free taster session for educational institutions and organisations looking to enhance the well-being of their students or recently qualified nursing staff.

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Mastering emotions for effective nursing.

  • Learn what emotions are, why we experience them, and how they relate to the nursing role.

  • Reflect on your own current methods of managing emotions.

  • Learn the science of two effective emotional regulation strategies and practice these to gain mastery of your emotional experience.

Being kind to ourselves

How to bounce back from set-backs, failures and mistakes.

  • Understanding the role of self-criticism and the inner bully.

  • The science of self-compassion and overcoming mistakes and failures.

  • Learn tools for being kinder to ourselves and overcome setbacks quickly.

Understanding and leveraging stress.

  • What is stress? Understanding its role in the body and mind.

  • Is stress bad? How to harness stress to our advantage.

  • Reshaping the stress mindset for effective nursing.

Caring for self in nursing

  • Learn about the unique challenges of nursing to physical and mental health.

  • Identify your own self-care needs and how well you currently meet them.

  • Complete a practical exercise creating your own “non-negotiable” self-care plan.

  • Learn how to effectively set goals to maximise chances of following through with your plan.

Befriending your mind

Tools and tips to create a healthier headspace.

  • Understanding the thinking box in our head – what are thoughts, anyway?

  • How thoughts and thinking relate to your nursing work.

  • Learn some practical ways to reduce negative thinking and be more focused.

Workshops and webinars

How does it work?

  • Session 1

    Workshop in person or
    via Zoom.

  • Session 1

    Learners practice skills in following week.

  • Session 1

    Reflection and share progress
    via our website.

  • Session 2

    Follow-up and consolidate
    skills (optional)

  • Session 2

    Feedback collected

All workshops are practical, fun and informative

If you are an education provider or employer looking to enhance the quality of your course or preceptorship program by providing nurses with psychological and emotional intelligence, then we’d love to have a conversation with you.

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