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Achieve this with our training, coaching and reflective practice.

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Wellbeing programs for nurses

  • Improve wellbeing
  • Reduce burnout
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Enhance team functioning
  • Improve outcomes
Return on investment of 5:1

According to Deloitte’s 2020 analysis of mental health programs for employers, on average for every £1 spent, £5 is gained in savings.

Wellbeing programs are essential for staff, beneficial for patients and are good for business.

Be the employer that makes nurse wellbeing a priority.

Online and in-person group programs:

All our programs are grounded in the latest evidence-based research.

Inner peace: Essential tools to master stress and find purpose.

A journey through cutting edge tools in the science of stress. This trauma-sensitive workshop provides practical ways for staff to feel more peace and stay engaged in their work.

Self-Compassion and Self-Forgiveness

Powerful skills to bounce back from hard times, manage moral distress and develop inner peace.

Reflective Practice

Structured group sessions to enhance awareness and process emotions.

Inner peace: Essential tools to master stress and find purpose

Help your staff gain effective ways to respond to the inevitable challenges of work.

This program will help reduce stress and anxiety, improve health and enhance sense of purpose.

Staff wellbeing is enhanced through learning new ways to conceptualise the stress response, combined with practical skills to regulate emotions.

This program is highly practical and skills-focused, spread across different sessions:

  • Understanding stress and its role in performance.
  • How to leverage our own stress response.
  • Regulating emotions.
  • Meaning, purpose and stress: Tools to stay engaged at work.
  • Available in-person
  • Available online via Zoom.
  • Worksheets and action plan included.
  • Effectiveness data collected.

Self-compassion and self-forgiveness

How to be kinder within

Organizations with self-compassionate leaders listen to their staff and create environments for people to flourish.

Be a trailblazer by helping to create a self-compassionate nursing workforce and see the benefits in resilience and well-being.

This program includes several modules, spread across different sessions:

  • Understanding the inner critic and how it functions at work.
  • The science of self-compassion.
  • How to develop a kinder attitude toward oneself.
  • Self-compassion and self-forgiveness tools to deal with errors and moral distress.
  • Self-compassion and effective leadership.
  • Available in-person
  • Available online via Zoom.
  • Worksheets and action plan included.
  • Effectiveness data collected.

Reflective practice

A place to be heard

Reflective practice has become an essential part of nursing. Nevertheless, many nurses report not having access to reflective sessions or clinical supervision.

Research suggests that reflective practice is beneficial for nurses’ well-being and mental health.

It can improve team cohesion, create a positive and supportive workplace culture, and ultimately benefit key clinical outcomes.

Offering reflective sessions is a great way to show your staff you care about their professional development and wellbeing.

We offer time-limited group-based supervision and reflective sessions for nurses:

  • Grief debriefing – helping nurses or midwives process the death of a patient in a structured and skilled way, with a focus on self-care and collegial support following our work together.
  • Reflective practice sessions – several group sessions aimed at helping nurses or midwives process challenging aspects of the role, identifying personal strengths, and developing greater emotional awareness.
  • Available in-person
  • Available online via Zoom.
  • Effectiveness data collected.